Independent Center for Product Certification

Kompozit-Test is an independent center for product certification based in Korolyov, Russia. A market leader in the areas of product testing, confirmation of adherence to regulatory requirements and quality management systems’ certification, the Kompozit-Test brand is recognized across Russia and abroad. Every year, thousands of domestic and foreign companies rely on Kompozit-Test, whose certificates are a mark of consumer trust and an indispensable attribute of high-quality goods.

History Rooted in Experience

The history of the testing laboratories comprising the Kompozit-Test Independent Certification Center dates back to the 1950s. The center was established on the foundation of research laboratories of SPA Kompozit, one of the largest scientific-production associations in the Soviet Union, dedicated to the development of new materials for the aerospace industry. Kompozit-Test was among the first comprehensive testing centers to be accredited under then-newly created GOST R state certification system in 1991. Since 1994 Kompozit-Test is a major player in the area of product certification.

 From Rockets to Window Frames, Our Experts Have You Covered

 The Kompozit-Test Independent Certification Center employs more than 70 professionals, including 28 highly-specialized and degreed experts covering a wide range of products and systems, as well as more than 20 investigators and product testers. Seven of our specialists have earned the Ph.D. designation. The Kompozit-Test laboratories are outfitted with state-of-the-art measuring systems, analytical and testing equipment, including unique technological solutions capable of testing an entire spectrum of products listed in the field of accreditation. Our center specializes in several thousand standards, technical conditions, technical regulations and other regulatory documents which are constantly analyzed and updated by a dedicated service team.


 The Kompozit-Test Independent Certification Center is accredited in the following certification systems:

 * Federal GOST R Certification System;

* Voluntary Certification System Mosstroysertifikatsiya (Moscow Construction Certification);

* System of Voluntary Certification Neftegaz (Oil and Gas Equipment Certification)

 and is a member of the Russian organization of testing and measuring laboratories and affiliates in the field of conformity assessment NP (Nonprofit Partnership) Rosispitaniya. The Center is comprised of:

 * Product certification bodies;

* Certifying body of quality management systems;

* Comprehensive testing center.

 Kompozit-Test provides:

 1. Mandatory and voluntary certification of a wide spectrum of industrial products, equipment, building materials and constructions, as well as consumer goods;

2. Confirmation of adherence to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union;

3. Preparation and registration of Declaration of Conformity;

4. Certification of quality management systems in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008);

5. Product testing;

6. Development and registration of specifications.

 Why Kompozit-Test Independent Certification Center?

 We pay great attention to needs of our customers, creating the most comfortable conditions for them throughout the duration of their work with the Center. With this in mind, we relocated our head office to a modern and comfortable building on the main street of Korolyov, Tsiolkovsky, 27. Since 2003, we also have an office in Moscow, which is conveniently located near the VDNkH metro stop.

You can find more information about the Kompozit-Test Independent Center for Product Certification and its services in numerous respected publications, handbooks and bulletins. On our website, www.kompozit-test.ru, you can find a lot of pertinent information about certification, declaration and trials. You may also submit a project request or ask us any questions in a live chat.

In order to obtain the most objective, reliable and comprehensive results from the testing and certification of products at our Center, we have developed and implemented a unique quality management system of our project pipeline. Our dedication to the success of our clients has fostered the reputation of Kompozit-Test as a modern company with an individual style, a unique brand built on the cornerstone of customer trust.

The Kompozit-Test Independent Certification Center is a proud certification partner of many well-known, large industrial enterprises and trading companies, such as Zepter, Corus, Rehau, the Volgograd Plant of Drilling Equipment, Moscow Plant of Champagne Wines, drilling manufacturer SPE SibBurMash, …., as well as a large number of small and medium-size businesses in many regions of Russia, Western Europe and beyond.

We hope to become the cornerstone of your success.


Director General, Kompozit-Test Independent Certification Center

Yuri Petrovich Gordeyev